Ready to Sell Your Gold for the Best Price?

Phone, or email us a description of the items that you will be sending for our confirmation, estimates and shipping instructions. You can call us toll-free: 1 (877) 338-2470 from anywhere in Canada or if you are located in British Columbia you may call: (604) 629-8918.

Then you may fill out the shipping form below print out your the authorization form. You will also need to include a color photocopy of your Canadian Government Issued Identification.

Once we receive your package one of our gold specialists will test, weigh, and appraise your items, and then contact you with an offer to purchase. If you send older coins, and/or paper money, they will be expertly graded, and appraised.

We will contact you with our offer to purchase in a timely manner. If you are not 100% Satisfied with our offer we will return your items free of charge, otherwise we will process payment and send you a cheque for the quoted amount. 


Shipping Form

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Postal Code:


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Shipping Requirements

You will need to include a printed copy of the authorization form on the next page and a legible color copy of your Canadian Government photo identification (Provincial ID, Drivers License, Passport, Citizenship Card, Native Status), with your current address.