About Gold Calgary / Gold Vancouver

Our buyers have been in the precious metal and collectable business for over 35 years, and have dealt with literally tens of thousands of customers in Vancouver alone.

Over the past few years we have witnessed an abundance, of "Gold Buyers" setting up shop, and paying ridiculous, low buying prices to the public. Companies offer all kinds of " bonus coupons", "gold parties", "gold mail in kits", and funny guarantees to entice customers to sell their gold for as little as 40% of it's real value. There was a major void in this marketplace. A company was needed that paid the Highest Prices in Canada for precious metals. A company that posted all their metal prices daily, quoting the Highest actual buy prices, with no hidden charges of any kind. To help fill this void, Gold Vancouver was born.

Gold Vancouver also buys all types of collectable Coins, and Paper Money from Canada, USA, and Worldwide, and offers free no-obligation estimates.
We are Professional Numismatists, and experts in the field of counterfeit detection. Since 1972, we have paid many "World Record Prices" for single coins, banknotes, and entire collections. We are extremely well versed in the numismatic field, and are competitive on an International basis.

When you decide to sell your precious metals, coins, and old paper money, you will be very happy that you dealt with Gold Vancouver.

Whether we come to you, or we arrange the safest way for you to ship your items to us, you will be satisfied that you have received some of the best prices, service, and expertise in Canada.


Shipping Requirements

You will need to include a printed copy of our authorization form and include a color legible copy of your Canadian Government photo identification (Provincial ID, Drivers License, Passport, Citizenship Card, Native Status), with your current address.